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Meet Shaharyar Shoukat, a passionate education strategist and professional development expert. His academic journey, born from a profound ardor for both learning and teaching, has charted a course through the attainment of an MPhil in Education, followed by a current pursuit of a PhD in Education.

Deeply committed to the advancement of teacher professional development, education policy, leadership, and research, his pursuits have not only shaped his career but have also propelled him to effect meaningful change within the education sector.From research at Aga Khan University to roles in student support at the KIPS Education System and teaching at the University of Education Lahore, his journey speaks volumes. Presently, he spearheads training initiatives at Riphah International University, focusing on course development, policymaking, management, and the nationwide conduct of teachers’ training to empower the education sector. He is also a certified NLP practitioner, a testament to his belief in the power of communication and personal development.Moreover, his unwavering dedication to community service and global development is evidenced by his membership in the Community Development Initiative of the US Department of State, Pakistan, since 2022, where he annually conducts workshops.


He is also a lifetime member of the esteemed International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS) in Japan, and his involvement with the Literaria Education Foundation for the Blind since 2018 highlights his steadfast commitment to fostering inclusive education.His academic prowess is further showcased through numerous research publications in esteemed international and national journals, as well as presentations at reputable academic conferences.Let’s work together to transform learning into action for a sustainable future.

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